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pictures from the big vacation

Now available: pictures with comments from the weekend trip to New York!

[ 78 photos from NYC ]


good captions, too

excellent pictures! that one of me at the nbc studios is horrible/awesome. are you thinking you'll put them on ofoto at all? if not it's cool, and i'll just make use of the photo paper i have here and print my own or something.

Re: good captions, too

I can definitely put them on oFoto if that's useful. I haven't found a quick way to do it using my iBook. If you want to print some of mine before I put everyting on oFoto I can put selected photos online first.

Re: good captions, too

it would definitely be useful to me, if it's not too much trouble (and jenna may want some too maybe), but i'm in no super hurry to order mine so don't worry about that. yeah, it took me forever to load mine, but while doing it i noticed they were advertising a free mac software download that claimed to be the easiest way for apple users to upload pics. i didn't try it though, as i didn't notice it till i was practically done. maybe you could check it out though, if you haven't already.

Re: good captions, too

as far as I can tell, the mac upload tool is only good for OS 9.2 which isn't even on my computer anymore. It's super annoying, especially since iPhoto interacts directly with Kodak for ordering prints.

Re: good captions, too

that is definitely annoying and stupid.