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saturday 13 september

the continuation of the very long story of I♥NY
I had no idea the battery would last so long

After a slow start -- a.k.a. three people sleeping on an L-shaped couch chair hybrid arrangement and waking up to ten alarms and resting but not sleeping for a few hours -- we went to get brunch at Le Petit, but "there was just no way". Instead we walked a few --- a.k.a. ten or fifteen -- more blocks. Eschewing pizzarias, donut houses, and chinese restaurants, we continued on to Harvest where the brunch specials included pumpkin pancakes and huevos rancheros.

The pumpkin pancakes were recieved with mixed reviews. Aaron liked them (he lives in New York) the others (tourists) were not unanimous in their approval. At least the waitress knew that tourists were in the building. That is apparently an important piece of information to be conveyed at every opportunity.

Jenna returned to the house to allow her feet to heal and the rest of us returned to the city to check out modern art. Before the modern art, we experienced a marvel of civic engineering by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. On the way to the bridge, we walked through beautiful neighborhoods with expensive fines for honking, and an up-and-coming neighborhood (DUMBO) with world famous chocolate shops. We split a cup of hot chocolate that will be with us for the next five years if not the rest of our lives.

Though we had ambitions to conquer multiple museums, the uphill spiral of the Guggenheim was enough for one day. We enjoyed picking out artwork for Aaron's apartment, trying to guess the titles of abstract paintings, and racing down the ramp. Often the titles were as entertaining as the artwork.

After the museum, we thought it would be fun to walk through Central Park. Until it started raining. In a sequence of events that is not clear to me in recollection, we retreated from the park to Park avenue and started walking to Rockefeller center. No one can really remember why we didn't choose a more interesting avenue that would have afforded us opportunities to duck into stores or cafes when the sporadic torrential rain made its regular appearances.

What happened in place of this unformed plan: Four people sharing three umbrellas, deciding to walk about 30 blocks, and eventually giving up after (not before) getting fairly wet, taking a cab to Rockefeller center, securing upstairs table at Dean & Deluca, and eating and drinking to avoid the rain.

There was a cool Murakami installation by the place where people would be ice skating if it wasn't summer.

From Rockefeller Center, we walked to Times Square, looked at the neon greatness, saw a giant ferris wheel inside Toys R Us, checked out the horrible merchandise in the MTV store, and returned to the apartment with enough time to meet up with Jenna & Claudio, watch an episode of Sex & the City, and change into dry clothes.

We took a taxi (Suburban style) to meet Mark in Colonial Williamsburg for Planet Thai. After dinner, we went to a bar that had a reflecting pool, swings, small tables, LCD screen enhanced bathrooms, and fun drinks.


i really enjoyed the show at the guggenheim. my favorite parts were kandinsky's watercolors and a few of the picassos.

i amused a woman in the museum by commenting on one of the paintings "he's a trained painter, couldn't he get the circle in the middle of the canvas?"

also i found klee who i had never seen before.
i do love kandinsky. some of the titles were so clinical and then others were strangely expressive. we wondered what happened to him around 1933, when he appeared to be overcome with gloom. i guess it could have been the great depression, right?
no matter how hard i try, i totally can not remember how we ended up on park instead of fifth or some other better street! i also can't figure out why we didn't at least move over to a better street when the rain got so awful, other than maybe aaron thinking it was a bad idea or something. i think i'm going to need to consult jennifer and see if she remembers, cause it is seriously making me crazy that we would do something so ridiculous! i guess none of us had the Rhythm Of The City at that point.
I remember asking Aaron if we should check out a different street and he responded by telling us that Rockefeller Center was about a mile away and Avenue blocks were wide. I can't remember how we ever got to Park in the first place. It just does not make any sense at all. Why did we even leave Central Park? It's not as if it was only raining there!
i feel like i said something about central park perhaps being more fun if it wasn't raining, thinking we might then go somewhere inside for a little while. but i don't remember how we left the park, or at least how it resulted in us going over a couple of blocks rather than just heading straight to rockefeller. maybe we didn't have a plan yet and just started walking and then figured out a plan by the time we were to park? but even then it would have made sense to head back to the streets with things on them, especially in the awful weather. was aaron maybe confused on the location of rockefeller? but that doesn't even make sense as he's Not A Tourist.
ok, i just talked to jennifer and she remembered what happened. when we left the park we mentioned getting a snack to get out of the rain, and aaron promptly thought of a place and took off for it. but before we got there we decided it would make more place to go somewhere in the direction we wanted to head anyway, and so we ended up turning at that corner - park ave. then i think we stayed on park cause it was like we thought, you suggested going over, but aaron was confused and thought you meant over further away from where we were headed or something. so we just continued on park. this is how jennifer remembers it all, so i think the mystery is solved.