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how the rest of the trip went

how the rest of the trip went
something to do on the plane when the iPod's dead, you're tired of reading magazines, and the iBook doesn't have enough battery life for another DVD (not that you really feel like watching Unfaithful anyway).

when last we left the heroes, they were off to meet Ellen for lunch. We successfuly navigated the subway system without guidance form our host (who has the rhythm of the city) and pretended to be law students for a few minutes until the real law student emerged.

Ellen took us to meet her friends at a macrobiotic restaurant on 13th. We weren't able to determine what it means too be macrobiotic, but it is rumored that Gwenyth Paltrow dines or has dined there. This explanation was good enough until the internet was available. However, even with the internet, the details of macrobioticism are far too complex for me to understand.

After lunch we decided to kill time by shopping. Walking to SoHo we passed through NYU where I recognized the Dean & Deluca from felicity and we saw a hidden-away French style row of houses where only residents dogs are allowed to be walked. It had a cute name that I can't remember.

Shopping entailed covering a few blocks over and over and not buying anything at the Vice store or Prada or H&M or the Apple Store or from the street sunglasses vendors. Rhiannon ought some exciting red shoes and suffered through the credit card confusion while we waited.

We stopped at an untitled space for coffee and desserts to assure appropriate energy levels before heading down to the Staten Island ferry. Onboard, we were treated to excellent views of the city, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, all courtesy of the good people of New York. At Aaron's urging, we set foot on Staten Island so that we could add it to our collection of visited boros. I'm pretty sure that I've driven through the Bronx, so that means that I've technically completed the full set.

We returned to Brooklyn to meet Betsy and Claudio at a bar (Excelsior?) where they had a nice setup for pagan rituals set-up in the courtyard. [pic] Once everyone arrived, we crossed the street to have dinner at the Chip (& Curry) Shop.

After the long day of walking around the city, we elected not to dance to music from the 1980s. Instead, we bought liquor, didn't drink, and went home to wait for Jennifer at Aaron's apartment.

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