josh (joshc) wrote,

part 2

when I was done working, I stopped at Urban Outfitters to pick up a book for Kate's birthday and caught the #3 bus to Mesob, the Ethiopian restaurant. Why don't Ethiopian places here serve their food on the big wicker basket thingies? I think that's how they did it in Adams-Morgan. Whatever. The food was good.

After dinner, we went to Big Picture to see The Secret Lives of Dentists . I'm not sure that it was the type of movie that's intended to be liked. I think that it was good in a sort of masochistic way. It reminded me of the story in the NYT Magazine this weekend about affective forecasting [link]. The film certainly isn't a sales pitch for marriage and children.

For some reason, tickets were 2-for-1; so it was worth the $4.25. I really think that the BIg Picture is an interesting venue -- it's a smoke-free bar with several living rooms that happens to have a small theater inside. Seems like it would be perfect for hanging out after seeing a movie, but I think that everyone was too traumatized to stay and chat.

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