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part 2

when I was done working, I stopped at Urban Outfitters to pick up a book for Kate's birthday and caught the #3 bus to Mesob, the Ethiopian restaurant. Why don't Ethiopian places here serve their food on the big wicker basket thingies? I think that's how they did it in Adams-Morgan. Whatever. The food was good.

After dinner, we went to Big Picture to see The Secret Lives of Dentists . I'm not sure that it was the type of movie that's intended to be liked. I think that it was good in a sort of masochistic way. It reminded me of the story in the NYT Magazine this weekend about affective forecasting [link]. The film certainly isn't a sales pitch for marriage and children.

For some reason, tickets were 2-for-1; so it was worth the $4.25. I really think that the BIg Picture is an interesting venue -- it's a smoke-free bar with several living rooms that happens to have a small theater inside. Seems like it would be perfect for hanging out after seeing a movie, but I think that everyone was too traumatized to stay and chat.


Wow I think affective forecasting is fascinating, great link thx
I find it interesting that being good at it doesn't make your life any happier. Maybe less sad. I think that it might not even be a good thing to be a good affective forecaster, but I don't think that it's possible to become worse at it.
where is mesob? last time we had ethiopian, we went to this intersection in the CD where there was an establishment on each corner. i can't remember which one we ended up at, but it was great in a totally sketchy kind of way. i got the impression that they made most of their money off of neighborhood liquor sales that occurred long after we had left. (no wicker basket there either...)
Mesob is at 1325 E Jefferson. It seemed pretty similar to Asimba, which is on Cherry. Maybe even a little more sketchy - a tiny dining room in the front and a weird banquet area in the back.