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the only earth?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer presents a pdf guide to the 10¢ latte tax.

It isn't particularly analytical about the pros and cons (comments from online forum), but does provide some interesting statistics about the demographics of coffee drinkers, the cost breakdown of a cup of cappucino, and various estimates of the tax revenue.


I have figured out how coffee can relate to child care!
The US is dumping tons of money into the military to go down to those coffee producing countries to make sure we can trade with them cheaply > this means there is less money to go towards the public because it's being spent on the military > to make up for the money being spent on the military to make sure the US can keep other countries it trades with under control, there will be a tax on the coffee > the tax on the coffee will make up for the US not spending money on it's people and instead on militarism > the people will spend it on much needed childcare so that they can go to work
omg. you're on your way to professional conspiracy theorist status!

Thanks for finding/posting this!
I wish they would have used some experts to evaluate the initiative. I guess the paper is bankrupt; so this is the best they could do!