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I'm supposed to be finishing a proposal that I'd like to have written before I go to NYC later this week, but instead I'm looking at the internet and looking out the window and looking for duplicate songs on my iPod. I'm being distracted when it sounds like a bird just flew into the 13th floor window outside my office. I'm relieved to find that it's just the window washing crew. And now the guy who's washing the window just rode his platform up to the next floor.

On top of that, two fakesters have just requested that I be their friendster. Hello Clark Kent from Ireland! Hello Dukey Flyswatter from Yahoo!! I'm still not sure what to do about your requests. Please advise.

Also to-do: buy new ReadyMade and new album from the Decemberists [ Her Majesty is an 8.2 on the Pitchfork scale ]
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