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the only earth?

direct democracy at its finest

stupid initiative, a stupid protest: green lake coffee party


a hasty explanation of why I think the initiative is stupid


such a great moment in america's history
america: home of inappropriate historical appropriation of symbols and actions.

instead of protesting the king, they're protesting the people.
I thought it would be a good idea to have more funding for those school programs... but they should tax junk food (candy, fast food) instead. It makes sense since kids eat a lot of it, they'd be paying for their own programs.
that's a good idea! perhaps a fast food tax should go to the financial burden of medical bills that frequent fast-food eaters will put on our healthcare system when they have heart attacks.
that would also be a good idea

sugar and fat are cheap

I only think that it would be a good idea if it induced people to stop eating fast food. Of course, many people who rely on fast food for nutrition are too poor to rely on more expensive high quality foods.

Re: sugar and fat are cheap

But like, these taxes could help pay for the universal health care everyone wants.

Re: sugar and fat are cheap

Universal health care should not be funded regressively.

Re: sugar and fat are cheap

isn't that how it's going to be funded anyway?
the point is that those kids don't have enough money to pay for their own programs.

For more direct "democracy" information...

Check out:

"Democratic Delusions: The Initiative Process in America" by Richard J. Ellis, University of Kansas Press