josh (joshc) wrote,

music for america

The show at Chop Suey was pretty weird. Five bands and a bunch of uninspired speakers. Though it wasn't specifically a Dean fundraiser, I expected the speakers to be a little bit more positive about the cause. Many of them said things like "I'm not sure if Dean is the right guy, but he seems pretty decent. Just be sure to vote. Because voting is cool."

I arrived early and listened to the Terror Sheets. Then Joe, Chris, and Tatina (a knock-off Barbie) arrived and we half listened to Mines, The Rockfords, Hypatia Lake, and Aveo. Some of these bands had roadies. Aveo didn't.

Aveo played four songs and then William (wearing a "Let Nader Debate" T-shirt and non-fuzzy hat) just set down his guitar in the middle of a song and walked off the stage. The other guys (Jeff wearing a U.S. Out of Everywhere custon tank top) finished the song and that was the end of Music for America. Weird.
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