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the only earth?

in the news

interesting stats from an article announcing "Universal to cut prices of its CD's"1:
The deep price cut — the only one to apply to new CD's since the format was introduced in the early 1980's — represents a gamble by Universal that more consumers will buy more CD's once the price dips below $13 . . . When CD's first arrived on the market they cost $15.98, and have climbed from there.

In other snowmen in hell news Aaron went to a Dean 2004 meetup last night and I didn't.

I will be going to the "Music for America" benefit tonight at Chop Suey to make up for it. And to see Aveo.

(1) Does anyone know why the NYT uses an apostrophe in CDs


I can't wait to hear what Aaron has to say about the meetup!
Can't believe we'll be able to discuss it in person in less than a week!
I was at the Piecora's meetup with Chris. It was a weird one. This African-American gentleman sorta hijacked the agenda and turned it into "how to get minorities into the campain." Granted, I think that's an important issue (there were 3 black people there out of 200+), and he made some very good and helpful points, but it was sorta tense as the meetup hosts watched control of the meeting slip out of their grasp.

see you at Chop Suey tonite!
I wonder if "minorities" was a specified agenda item. My friend Rhiannon (rhiannonwc) went to one in East Lansing last night and mentioned the minority theme of the event too.

NYT style

I think the only answer seems to be: We're the New York Times and we can do whatever the hell we want. My NYT style manual is awol at the moment, but according to the Web (and when is that ever wrong?) you're not alone: http://www.ariannaonline.com/columns/files/121602.html
Personally, I favor the AP style of "CDs".
Here's some other stuff to consider:

Re: NYT style

it warms my heart to find that the next governor of the state of California cares about grammar.