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not on vacation

I tried to take the rental car back this morning, but it turns out that I had an extra day. Maybe I'll think of some use for it tomorrow morning, but I spent most of the day at the office working on a paper.

At the end of the day, I had to go to campus for a GPSS meeting. After that, I read the stranger at solstice, came home to play video games, and worked until my computer started to make weird noises due to the excessive upstairs heat.


For some reason, it totally cracked me up to think of you thinking up some random reason to use the car, just because you can.
Yeah. I should've just left it there. Having to bring it back on Thursday was an incentive for waste. I ended up going to IKEA to buy poster frames for my Bumbershoot purchases. While I was there, I accidentally bought a new quilt.

Stupid consumer culture.

making me laugh some more

Again with the hysteria . . . stop it!! :)


Then again, the bedspread/quilt I was using was old (I had it since before college) and it isn't very quality and it's for a twin bed.

I'm a little concerned that this new one will be too warm, but they were out of the medium warmth down quilts and wouldn't be getting more for six weeks.

Re: justifications

Well, it certainly makes sense to me.

Re: justifications

I think I'm getting used to the intense heat of the down. Or maybe it's just getting colder.

Re: justifications

It is getting colder! You're lucky you're not allergic to down.