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the big weekend in review / worst post ever

I didn't really have time to update my livejournal since I spent the past four days hanging out with my sister and fellow bumbershoot and radiohead attendees. It seems like we were standing up or walking for most of her visit! my feet are a little sore, but it was a really fun long weekend. Even on the less musically interesting middle days, the festival was still impressive.

At this point, i don't really have the energy to post (and you probably don't have the interest to read) lengthy details.

decemberists - great show, sketchy lighting design, "I was meant for the stage" will be on their new CD.
the divorce - rocking out like crazy
the shins - probably my favorite bumbershoot show (again)
modest mouse - didn't play the minivan song, the crowd was all 1992 with "moshing" and crowd surfing activites.

In the stadium, Sarah befriended some guys from Oregon called Alex & Tai (?).

voyager one - decent show (the only good music of the day) with amazing visuals that really highlighted why I like skychurch.
art exhibits - fried underwear! spinning light disks! strobe light dioramas!
aesop rock - couldn't really hear from the beer garden
unexpected productions - boring audience = boring improv
dandy warhols - 1/4 fun, 3/4 trance-inducing

(did I mention that the Exhibition Hall is the worst venue ever?)

dolour - i'd been meaning to see them forever. bumbershoot to the rescue! fun, standard, poppy goodness.
flatstock - i ♥ poster art
best street urchin ever - performance art + juggling machetes on a stack of boards on a wheel = pay for college
one reel short film festival- 1/3 good, 1/3 amusing, 1/3 boring as hell

radiohead: three times closer than the gorge, same travel time. We left Seattle Center at 6 and arrived just as radiohead started playing. I was relieved that the eBay tickets were genuine and we went into the pit and were really close to the stage. they played a lot of good songs (talk show host!) and did two encores, !

Seeing them live was worth the horrible traffic going in and being stuck in the parking lot for two hours after the show. I don't think that I could say the same for many other bands. Visit the White River Amphitheater at your own risk and pack ample supplies and entertainments.

carissa's wierd - last bumbershoot ever! amazingly large crowd and being in the front row compensated for being in the worst venue ever. closed with heather rhodes which seemed perfect.

poster buying!

the long winters - a long solid set, though possibly more entertaining stage banter than music.
wilco - whee! good old stuff mixed in with all of the glorious weirdness of the new album. annoying girls.
r.e.m. - played forever (in a good way), some rare live songs (nightswimming!), obligatory old favorites (will they ever be able to escape playing "the end of the world as we know it"?, michael stipe makes thom yorke seem downright normal.

Amazingly, our pals from Oregon were right next to us for this show.

Anyway, I'll try to edit this later. We took way too many pictures. When I get a chance to be selective, I'll post them.


I was anxious to hear your Radiohead review. Sounds like a fun weekend!
sorry I wasn't more thorough. It was really fun to be so close to the stage. We could't really even see the back of the venue; so it would've sucked to be on the lawn.

It looks like the traffic/crappy parking caused us to miss one or two songs :/
Flatstock was really great. I hope they come back to Seattle again in the near future.
Totally. I really want to become a poster art expert.
I can see it now...

Evergreen State College offers BA in Concert Poster Art History
I was hoping for something more highbrow than evergreen state college.
what other school would offer a BA in Concert Poster Art History...

oh i should've said UC Santa Cruz.