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A horrible statement of what it takes for a great band to make a little money is made by the commercial that just aired.

The opening from The Shins' "New Slang" plays in the background of a scene featuring a young father and infant. It is very sentimental, but I know what's coming and my heart fills with dread. Then, my worst fears are realized when the voice over begins saying these words, "there will be a first word, a first step, and of course a first french fry." Then the McDonald's logo with the word "smile" below it.

The canonization of first (beef flavored) french fry as a developmental milestone is horrifying in and of itself. Coupled with an soundtrack by indie rock darlings, it is even more offensive.


oh goodness nooooooo. i'm going to go cry and pout.


Notice that they don't use any of the lyrics. I wonder why? Could it be:

new slang / when you notice the stripes / the dirt in your fries / hope it's right when you die / old and bony

I'll delude myself into believing that they sold McDonald's the song as some form of subterfuge...