josh (joshc) wrote,

an entry about thursday

I stayed home today with the goal of transforming the Office of Obsolete Technology (a.k.a. the Atari Room, the place where useless boxes go to die, etc) into a suitable place to sleep in preparation for my sister's arrival in Seattle. I'm up here now, and I think that I was successful.

Other activities included renting a car, declining the optional insurance, driving to the store, becoming paranoid, and returning to the office to pay the extra fees.

Back at home, we watched numerous crime solving dramas while waiting for flights to arrive. During the crime dramas several new crime dramas were advertised. I guess people can't get enough of forensics and cops and undercover mystery stuff.

With all of the weather and delays in my sister's flights, I ended up driving to SeaTac at midnight. Her bags will be arriving sometime tomorrow, but the "interpreter" couldn't really provide any details.

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