josh (joshc) wrote,

three neglected days = rambling post

dear livejournal,

hi. I can't really remember what I've been doing for the past three days. I've been going to the office, but not really doing any of my own work. Surprisingly, this hasn't been entirely my own fault.

On Monday I remember going to the Pike Place market to pick up fresh fruit for a farewell party for visiting scientists. Since the theme was northwest foods, I couldn't think of anything more Seattle than organic sustanibly farmed mixed berries. They were quite a hit. The actual party was very entertaining. In addition to eating, we watched the departing couple opening tacky gifts (most somehow involved the space needle, state ferries, or slugs; the best incorporated multiple elements), though it wasn't clear that they knew that they were intended to be tacky. Before the party was over, there was a demonstration of the tango and a magic show.

That day continued with the distraction of a guest lecturer who followed his talk with a free exchange of ideas with the graduate students.


On Tuesday, our softball team had a barbecue to celebrate the end of our two seasons. We stayed at Magnuson Park until it was dark, waiting to see Mars and trying to follow card tricks (by the same departee) by the last bits of daylight.

After the picnicking was abandoned, Kate and I went to see Múm at the Showbox. Before seeing them, we first had to endure the last half hour of the appropriately-named Animal Collective. They seemed like more of a performance art piece: guys invoking their inner apes to make animalistic sounds and music.

Múm was good, though not as overwhelmingly charming as I remembered them from I-Spy last year. Maybe it's because they played new stuff for most of the show. They're still cute and really talented.

Another highlight was discovering the third level of the bar, which seems like a VIP room (VIPs in attendance included us, Chris E. & friends, Ben Gibbard, Reggie Watts, and some Solstice baristas). The natural crowding of the second level seemed to keep people from venturing up there. Not only could we see the performers, we were also able to observe the requisite overdrunk guy who must dance obnoxiously to the music who fell at least twice. I think there must be an organization that assigns these hyperenthusiasts so that each venue meets its quota.


Today was filled with a full day of meetings both on campus at at our office about inflammation genetics and haplotype inference and was fueled by bites of free food and two caramel macchiatos. This borders on the embarrassing for a coffee drink, but it is so incredibly tasty.

Back at home, we finally cleaned the dishes from Sunday's dinner, I walked down the street to satisfy some yearnings for sushi dinner, and we watched television.

In other news: I miss the 44 bus all the time by approximately 30 seconds.

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