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____ for america

I dropped stuff off at the house and caught a bus downtown to meet Carole for the Howard Dean Sleepless Summer stop in Seattle. Though there was some confusion about getting into the event and a few too many preliminary speakers, it was well worth attending.

The best pre-Dean speaker was Hubert G. Locke, former dean of the Evans school, who referred to the Attorney General as "that psalm-singing fascist". [Hubert for America!] The others were smooth jazz musicians, hippie singers, local democrats who gave a civics lesson about the importance of February 7 (when the state has precinct caucuses), and volunteers who shared their personal testimonies.

Dean's speech was good and he seemed really impressed and excited by the turnout (the website is reporting 15,000 people). It was a campaign speech and he said everything the crowd wanted to hear -- Bush lies and caters to the rich and Dean can repair the damage -- which is what he needs to do to convince people that he has a shot at winning the election.

Check out the website and blog for a more accurate representation of the campaign themes.

Except for the LaRouche people [are they paid to be obnoxious?] the crowd was very supportive. One of the funniest scenes was seeing a rude LaRouche poster being swarmed by Dean signs.

On the way out, I bought a T-shirt as it seemed like an appropriate souvenir for the rock concertlike occasion.


Wtf?... that guy looks 30 years older than that girl.. where was that taken at?
That is obviously the book store across from Solstice with the kittys
we were in the same general area -- do you remember seeing a gargantuanly tall guy with no hair a few 'rows' forward and a little to the left?

That stupid LaRouche sign was directly in front of me blocking my shit for a while -- it was cool when the other signs started smothering it

I saw them as they left -- the kid looked 16 at LEAST.
I don't remember seeing you.

If it's any consolation, I think the back of your head is probably in a picture left out of the original posting.
Kucinich is a great candidate as long as you want Bush to remain in the White House for another four years.
well, dean isn't guaranteed to get the nod either
I'm so jealous. I think the closest that he is coming is Virginia while I'm in NYC.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure that NC is a big primary state. You could probably make a pilgrimage to SC since it's one of the early primaries. I'm sure the candidates will start swarming it soon enough.
Am I the only one who thinks that all of the state's primaries should occur on the same day?
I doubt it.

The amount of influence that crappy states like Iowa and New Hampshire have over the election is pretty strange. However -- I think consolidating them would make things very difficult for candidates and would undermine the weird way that we do elections in the U.S..
Why would it be hard for the candidates? The actual election day is all on the same day?!

But I know it'll never change. Just one of those things.
It gives them time to focus on a few states at a time? Then they've been everywhere (important) by the time the general election occurrs.

I don't know. It is one of those things.
Yes, I see how that makes sense.