josh (joshc) wrote,

oh boy, a two day update!

Yesterday I went to the office and had a rare useful meeting. I stayed until it was impossible to work due to the sun shining directly in my eyes. Borrowing an office with a Western exposure provides a nice built-in alarm for not staying late. Instead, I went home and ran/walked to and around green lake.

Today, I had to go to campus to be in a focus group for the biomedical integrity discussion group series. After that rather unexciting obligation to my training grant was completed I went to solstice to look at the Bumbershoot schedule and work on a data analysis project. I stayed until the building noises (some sort of shelving unit for the entryway -- perhaps related to the liquor license application?) induced me to walk up the street to buy tickets for Múm show next Tuesday.

Tonight's thrilling conclusion: emptying the refrigerator of old food and watching the end of the Amazing Race.
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