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An upcoming show at Chop Suey featuring one of my favorite Seattle bands will be raising funds for my favorite candidate for president.

9.04 Thursday Politics and Rock n' Roll: A Music for America Benefit


Terror Sheets
8pm doors
Money raised will be used to fund grass roots activism in support of Howard Dean
and progressive congressional candidates.

Useful spam!


I just can't understand why you like Aveo.


because they're really good?


and, of course, because I must follow the orders of the Stranger.
which one is your fav?? i hope it's aveo!!
aveo, indeed.

(if I remember correctly, the terror sheets are definitely o.k. too.)
i'm still not convinced of dean's ability to appeal to the mass populace.

the lineup is great, though :)
I think that the main reason that I like Dean is that I think he'll appeal to the electorate and has a chance at beating Bush in the 2004 election. Wesley Clark might be a better candidate, but so far he isn't running.
$10 says he does run. How'd you find out about the lineup? I got this "Rock for Dean" email a long time ago, but the 411 was all TBD and stuff.
I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm subscribed to the Chop Suey list of upcoming shows email.