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ooh boy! Someone in northern Illinois visited my webpage after searching for my actual name on google. This is so exciting! Hello person in Northern Illinois, I hope my weblife isn't too disappointing!


hiya :)

so i've been lurking a little... enjoying your insightfulness without saying a word. hope you don't mind too much.

thought i'd finally say hello... and... i love your new pic. where'd you find it? the colors are addictive. thanks for adding it... and letting it inspire me.

take care,

Re: hiya :)

thanks, I'm horribly guilty of lurking; so I don't mind at all.

The new picture is cut from Kandinsky's color study, Squares with Concentric Rings.

Re: hiya :)

thanks for replying :)


She lies

Josh, it's Fred.

I'm pretty sure it's been me that's been stalking you as I live in northern Illinois and searched for you on Google.com. But that was a number of days ago. I'm fascinated that you know that somehow.

I was at work at the time and didn't explore the site enough. I only saw the previous attempt at a live journal and not this one. LiveJournal seems much better than Blogger.com. You didn't tell me that you use the thing, only that you were toying with the software or whatever it technically is.

Anyway, I have to finish a story. Friday was officially my last day but I procrastinate. Then I get to go home and start packing things up. I get the moving truck tomorrow.

As always, woodham4.