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This afternoon I did some cleaning around the house, took Flash to get her nails trimmed, and learned how to set the time and date on the answering machine. This was by far, the greatest accomplishment of the day!

For dinner (/birthdayish activities) Kate, Elena, Charles, and Amy [Elena's friend from NYC] and I went to Rosita's. Only Charles was able to eat all of the massive portions of food. Once we ordered our food and drinks, someone determined that we were eligible for special home-cooked salsa. The waitress kept appearing out of nowhere and making abrupt transitions, or maybe the prickly pear margarita was just strong.

After dinner, we walked to (but not around) Green Lake and saw that a party was being held at the swimming pool. By the sound of the music and crappy disco lights, we assumed that it was a middle school summer camplike event. Curious, we walked to the door to find that it was Dive, an 18+ $15 red bull swimming massage party event.

We really weren't appropriately dressed (too much clothing) for such an event, so we returned to our cars. Crossing the street, we witnessed a moped army patrolling the neighborhood.

The weirdness continued when we adjourned to Charles & Elena's house [by way of Zoka coffee and Blockbuster Video] for a movie on their video projector setup. We rented Italian for Beginners, which turned out to be compellingly bizarre. Reading the mostly favorable reviews after seeing the film made the experience even more strange. Evidently, there is a Dogme school of filmmaking, which explains the style.


hooooly cow, rosita's. I used to go there all the time. but, we broke up, and I never really had a good reason to drive out to greenlake after that.
I hope it wasn't a messy breakup. Maybe after time passes the two of you will be able start over again as friends.
Happy Birthday Josh.
I always thought Flash was a boy!

dogs are boys, cats are girls . . .

flashimusj is a dog!

Re: dogs are boys, cats are girls . . .

What a cutie!



A merry birth anniversary. Fred.

ps Can you invo my to LJ? I'm restarting a blog/livejournal.

Re: Have...

thanks! I'll email you a code for a belated birthday present since I completely flaked on yours.

of course, tubluva is still available whenever you want it.