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My days have been pretty repetitive this week. I've been going in to the CHRU to work for most of the day. This work includes a third of the time working on some papers, a third wasting time, a sixth getting stuff to eat, and another sixth reading.

Today included more wasting time, since several people were really interested in the east coast blackout.

At home, I watched the Amazing Race with all of the housemates (it was a non-elimination round) and then went out to see Buffalo Soldiers with Kate and Carole.


So what did you think of Buffalo Soldiers . Initially I liked it but on reflection I think maybe it was the distraction I liked rather than what was distracting me.
Maybe 6.7/10?

It's hard to say that I like a movie with such unsympathetic characters and lots of crappy stuff happening. I mean, that was the point of it, being dark and satirical. I don't think it was meant to really be enjoyable. I thought that it was really well-made and that some of the acting was good, but I don't really know if the movie had a message.
Excellent summary.
Don't you love those two evil people who keep getting saved by the "predetermined" non-elimination rounds? I haven't figured out the purpose of the non-elimination round yet. I feel like I wasted my time watching. Moreso than usual.
Yeah. The purpose seems to be keeping certain people on the show for an extra week. Maybe it has to do with the practicality of shooting a season that's X weeks long without being overwhelmed by X teams. Or maybe it has to do with the specific missions: the conditions of some of the challenges preclude head-to-head competition. Or maybe they just like having an annoying bickering couple for the finale.
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday weekend. The Big 26!

I can't believe I've never seen Amazing Race :) I'm clearly missing out.
Thanks! 26: I feel like I should've been dead years ago!

There's still time to watch the Amazing Race. It's one of the few reality shows that seems fun (and not particularly demeaning) to be on regardless of winning the prize.
How many years ago do you think you should have died???

You crack me up.

I'm thinking back to the disappointing New Years 2000. Where the hell were all the terrorists?
exactly! slacker terrorists, reliable power grids, y2k was such a letdown.