josh (joshc) wrote,

Notes on the last two days

For some reason, it's easier to leave the house early to work at the office when ten people are staying in a four bedroom house.

When I got home, darts were being played upstairs. Al temprarily lost Melinda and Jeff in a hastily-made bet. Later, Last night Al made tacos for everyone. With Christina as an extra dinner guest and Eve's friends stopping over, I thought that the fire marshall might try to shut us down. [Not that I'm complaining: the house will be incredibly lonely this weekend when everyone is gone.]

For evening entertainment, we watched reality TV (omg. Rob's back on For Love or Money?), and played cards--this time for a small amount of cash. I seem to be doomed to win people's honor, but lose my money in card games.

Tonight, I'm going to check out the flash mob and eat Ethiopian food.
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