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Notes on the last two days

For some reason, it's easier to leave the house early to work at the office when ten people are staying in a four bedroom house.

When I got home, darts were being played upstairs. Al temprarily lost Melinda and Jeff in a hastily-made bet. Later, Last night Al made tacos for everyone. With Christina as an extra dinner guest and Eve's friends stopping over, I thought that the fire marshall might try to shut us down. [Not that I'm complaining: the house will be incredibly lonely this weekend when everyone is gone.]

For evening entertainment, we watched reality TV (omg. Rob's back on For Love or Money?), and played cards--this time for a small amount of cash. I seem to be doomed to win people's honor, but lose my money in card games.

Tonight, I'm going to check out the flash mob and eat Ethiopian food.


How was the flash mob? We hatched this awesome plan at work to make a metaflash mob, but of course we didn't actually do it.
It was kind of fun (and it got my face on KING 5 news).

The crowd wasn't particularly large, maybe 50-70 people "protesting protest" for six minutes. It actually seemed like a long time. Maybe staying on schedule seemed confusing/stressful to me because I had just rushed around downtown to find posterboard, get to the rendezvous point, and quickly drink a gin and tonic.

I'll be interested to see what they come up with next. A Protest in westlake center isn't especially uncommon. I guess it's the flashy part that's interesting, not necessarily the mob.

i want to be cool, too.

please keep me posted on the next flash mob.

top secret self-destructing message


Maybe participating in this will help me to achieve my lifelong ambition of being seen in an I SAW U.

Re: top secret self-destructing message

"you.. lynyrd skynyrd hat. me... little kitty."