josh (joshc) wrote,

weekend, unedited notestyle

- alki beach with carole and micheal for the sort-of stupid music festival
- after walking along the beach, we stopped for breakfast food for lunch at lighthouse cafe
- after the strenuous morning activities, went back home for napping and reading
- later, dinner at cedars. notable events: an unfilled water glass, reminders of the availability of diet pepsi & beer.
- when the dinner crowd decided to see a movie, and I had to break the 28 days later cycle, deciding that a third time would be too much.
- skipping the movie, I return to the house to find the sacramento road trippers, early return from canada
- some of us caught a bus to meet with playgoers at the alibi room
- later, we retired to the Night Lite for electronic darts and pbr pitchers

- brunch at caffe soliel, where the differences between a frittata, omelette, and scramble were explored.
- solstice for reading: nyt, some articles from last week's printing sessions
- when I got home, I tagged along with al, melinda, and jeff for dinner at Wallingford Pizza
- evening entertainment presented by $10 tickets for the goat, or who is sylvia at ACT. A good script, some good actors, and lots of breaking stuff.
- Later, at Beth's, my combination of a blueberry shake with a side of hashbrowns as an evening meal was deemed questionable. I guess that's appropriate in a place that has a wall of artwork exploring the important question of ninjas vs. pirates.
- when we got back home, we played poker for chips [a.k.a. taking the Californians' honor].

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