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When last night turned into a [very low key] staying-in house party for the various departing out of town guests (Al's four road-tripping friends from Sacramento had been staying with us for the past few days, and Whitney's friend Courtney's magical week in Seattle was coming to a close), it ended up being a late night of poker playing -- with costumes [ 13 pictures ] -- and super nintendo playing. And the point of that run on sentence was to say that I got to bed late and slept in.

When I woke up and calculated the amount of time that I'd have at the office after getting ready, catching a bus, and needing to be back at campus by four; going to green lake seemed like a much better option.

I went to the park, stopped for a beverage, and started to read some articles when it became time for the semi-regular update from the mom. When that was over, I decided to just bike around the lake to find a good spot to work.

While biking, I saw the shadow of my head and decided that a haircut was necessary. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment with Majel before the techfee meeting.

By the time I returned home, the boys were about ready to leave for Vancouver, and it was almost time for me to meet Carole and her brother at Casuelita's for dinner. The food was good (esp. the introductory cornbread muffins), but our waitress was a space cadet.

Next stop was the Crocodile for some metallish rock. Crictor was amazing, actually sort of like Hella. As is typical of any show, there was the one intensely devoted fan in the front totally flipping out. He happened to be wearing a Hella shirt even. Also in attendance, other members of Carissa's Wierd (suggesting an amicable breakup). Oh yeah. The New Mexicans were pretty rocktacular too. Not surprising since the two bands have the same drummer.


Thanks for posting though pictures/you make me homesick.
you're welcome / sorry?

trucker hats 4 eva

Re: trucker hats 4 eva

I don't care what anyone says, trucker hats will never go out of style for basset hounds.

Re: trucker hats 4 eva

It would have been better if she was wearing a fanny pack too.

Re: trucker hats 4 eva

I'll keep that in mind when we're making the calendar.
dude no...that dog...hahaha fantastic.
oh yes. I live with that cuteness on a daily basis.
How do you see it everyday without petting it so hard you smoosh it?
I'm really not sure how to respond to that. Petting and smooshing are completely different motions. Instead, I'll just write a few other things that might not make sense. [1] cuteness is a blessing and a curse. [2] medium sized dog in an extra large bag. [3] really, the petting just leads to excessive shedding [not smooshing] with the arrival of summer.
Remember Angelica from the Animaniacs?

thats what i meant...something so cute you just want to love and hug it so hard. this is all figurative, plz.
oh right. how could i forget the animaniacs. that makes much more sense. thx.