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commerce of waiting

I went to the office and no one was there, which was completely strange given the recent overcrowding conditions in the student office. With the relative lack of distractions, I fixed some code and made a couple of graphs. I don't know why there aren't more movies about epidemiology graduate students.

After work, I caught a bus to Fremont for dinner at Jai Thai with Carole and Kate. I got there a bit early so I killed time at Sonic Boom, where I found the new Carissa's Wierd CD, Scrapbook, a ninety-nine cent Vendetta Red EP, Let Go by Nada Surf. I'm a littke skeptical, but the reviews were really good.

Dinner was something called Drunken Noodles. How could I refuse?

Waiting for the bus again, I picked up some groceries at PCC. I know it's wrong, but shopping at high-end(ish) grocery stores makes me feel like a good person.


a note about the future: Crictor is playing at the Crocodile on Thursday. I'm insanely curious to see what this band is all about.


PCC has the comfort foods for a jilted generation.

For example.. organic bing cherries. sure i could buy normal bing cherries at safeway, but these are ORGANIC; such a wonderful word.
It's as if the extra cost assures me that less damage was done to the environment or the low wage food prepartion people along the way.

It's the same with stopping at Caffe Ladro: I see the "100% Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Coffee" and I can almost hear the birds singing and the sight of relief form the planet.
Just got your eventual reply to my request for Seattle info. It's ok about the delay, I've been gleening info from your journal. You certainly seem to have quite a social life! I'm not over there until Oct 11-20th so will check with you nearer the time if there's any good bands playing.
crictor is RAD! i think i will go. any chance to see jen shred is good with me
yeah. they were pretty incredible.
2-person metal groups are always cool :)

i'm just annoyed they're scheduled opposite the tindersticks/crooked fingers show.
it seems like a good show to check out, since the stranger has been gushing about the new mexicans for ages.
I REALLY want a copy of the new Carissa's Wierd cd (and I actually feel like I should pay for it, imagine that!). Do you know if it's available to order on the Internet?
I don't really know. I don't see it on the sadrobotsrecords website. On their message board they only mention it being for sale at Sonic Boom. If you can't find it when you get back to New York, I could probably buy you a copy and send it to you. It was only $10.

The CD is a compilation of live songs, remixes, and covers; so it's not exactly new. I haven't even listened to the whole thing yet.

p.s. Carissa's Wierd is breaking up. They're playing a few more shows (Bumbershoot, etc.) and partinc company. here's the link to your pal KW's column [ http://www.thestranger.com/2003-08-07/some_candy.html ] about it. I read about it on the internet last week, but was in denial hoping it was a faked message.
..there's a new carissa's wierd cd out? their message board says they've broken up. im confused.
The CD is a compilation of covers, live recordings, remixes, etc. As reported on their message board, hey're breaking up [ http://www.thestranger.com/2003-08-07/some_candy.html ], but will play some farewell shows (including bumbershoot).

its pretty sad they're breaking up. i was in partial denial for most of the day because the message board post didn't seem so legit. i bet november16th will be a great band if they play any shows and if that post was really by matt brooke..
I think the new Nada Surf is fantastic. Listen to it with headphones, there's excellent production, and a lot of sound to digest. I've been rocking out to it at work for the past two weeks.
it is a good working album. the lyrics are a little cheesy for just listening without distraction.