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the main reason for going to the office was for two meetings. after that, I hung out until it was time to meet Tim & Al & Courtney at Graceland for a very early all ages show.

We saw three bands:
* red tape: one of those horrible angry shouting bands. the lead singer was drunk, but I doubt they would've been better sober.
* acceptance: your choreographed stage antics are terrible to the point of distraction. I kept wondering if they were a straightedge band? They sounded like some other good bands, but not quite. I think they remind me of a christian emo/pop/whatever substitute? The show was extremely meta entertaining though. Just watching the band trying to figure out what was going on. The singer acknowledged some rumors circulating about the band, and said that they never lost their integrity. Even more awful than the calculated image of the singer: the boys packed in the front of the stage, pushing girls out of the way to sing when the microphone was offered to the crowd, grappling for the opportunity to touch the lead singer when he threw himself into the crowd to incite a mosh pit. what a spectacle.
* onelinedrawing: was the reason that we went to the show. Jonah was, um, overflowing with sincerity. Too much for my taste, but Al compared it to a big continuous hug. But sappy all the while. For the most part his music was good, but covering "Fake Plastic Trees" seemed unnecessary.

After the show, we went to Shultzy's for to meet up with Whitney and Jon, make a plan, and drink beverages (half lemondae-half iced tea). We came up with the idea of seeing 28 days later [again]; to check out the alternate ending, which really isn't haunting or worth your $9. The movie is still amazing.

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