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I'm sitting in Red Square checking my email. Fighter jets are flying overhead and a large pack of little kids are sprinting across the plaza. Their chaperone is yelling, telling the stragglers to run.

Am I the only one that finds Seafair a little creepy?


Seafair always creeped the hell out of me, too.

there's a wireless hub near red square?
you know... i've never asked... which department are you in?
I think it just leaks out of Kane, Odegaard, and Gerberding into Red Square.

I'm in Epidemiology.
wow! admirable! the epidemiology, i mean.... not the leaking.
i love being here in the summer... it's a lot easier to pretend the university belongs to me.
do you ever find yourself ordering the ground crews around? that's when your fantasy might become a slight problem.

Better dead than red.

Noooo.... those fighters are from the military... THE MILITARY. You know the guys here to protect the fatherland, ahem sorry homeland from those evil dirty terrorists. You know like Al Qaida, Sadaaam, Feminists, members of the ACLU... Jeeze man, you should feel comfortable... like you'd feel of Rumsfeld was hugging you.

Re: Better dead than red.

Sorry. I mean, I love those beautiful war machines.