josh (joshc) wrote,

versitile solutions

I spent a large portion of today assembling this cabinet that I impulse purchased at IKEA on Sunday

I made at least three trips to the neighborhood ACE hardware to get replacement screws since the ones that were included just didn't work. I really think it is possible that the easy assembly is some kind of scandinavian mind game.

Alas, it is constructed and my trips to the hardware store made it possible to install the shelves that had been hiding under my bed.


Being a Monday, there was another IMA softball game. This time, in the sweltering heat, we managed a tie. We now await the playoffs.

Between going to the hardware store and the softball game, I did a lot of uphill bike riding today and my legs are tired. Luckily, my evening didn't require much movement -- I got some snacks from Dick's, watched reality tv and played nintendo with Tim. I guess that's it. It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.

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