josh (joshc) wrote,


So the morning / afternoon moving expedition is complete. When Kate went to U-Haul, she found that having a reservation for a truck is mostly meaningless. Evidently, they just overbook and when you get there to find no available trucks you just need to hope that a friend of a friend has a pickup truck that you can borrow.

In this case, Rachel was able to secure a truck. I had to drive it since I was the only one experienced in the ways of a standard transmission. It was a little bit scary when the owner described its diesel nature, handbreak, and spongy breaks. However, it was much less of a challenge than I'd expected. The lack of power steering made driving more physically demanding than usual, and non-working gas gauges and broken turn signals made the whole process a bit of an adventure.

So now I guess I'll hang out here before having a picnic and seeing Amelie at the fremont outdoor movies.
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