josh (joshc) wrote,

mostly friday

And yesterday I was feeling like I hadn't been getting enough (any) exercise; so I ran and walked to, around, and from Green Lake. By the time I returned to the house, going to work seemed pretty pointless; so I just went to Fremont to do some work from a cafe. This was not an entirely good plan, since it was really hot and soon PCC seemed like a better option. The bus driver was kind of insane, telling each passenger that they "looked ready for a parade" or "looked like they were ready for some action" as they boarded and exited the coach.

While I was gone, Flash drooled all over my bedspread.

Later, Carole and I had dinner at Noodle Ranch and went to the Alibi Room for Jon's birthday. We actually arrived early, got drinks, and secured the large cave-like booth. We suspected that Adrien Brody was dining across the room, but decided that it was just a look-alike.

Now it's morning and it's time to help Kate move her things from Ballard to Magnolia.

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