josh (joshc) wrote,

the lost weeks

some day it will drive me crazy that so many days are in a single entry. but for now, this is the closest I will get to having a complete journal.
wednesday - 25 june - evening with Kate and Carole at the Showbox to see/hear ... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, along with a double dose of space rock from Kinski and the Swords Project. We left in the sequence of our morning appointments, with me being the last to go, impressed by all of the acts.

thursday - 26 june
I used a FlexCar to move my remaining things from steven's court to Wallingord, rushing to complete my tasks so that I could be back for the arrival of my things from IKEA. They arrived late in the afternoon and Ellen helped me assemble the bed. Later, I tried to construct the matching nightstand, but kept getting stuck on the one hidden complicated step. I never really finished. Instead I watched most of the royal tenenbaums again, got snacks from Dick's, and started packing for Ludington.

friday - 27 june
I woke up excessively early to finish packing, catch the bus, hang out in the airport . . . airplane, terminal, airplane, grand rapids (mom + dogs), drive, ludington. When we arrived, the main house was ridiculously messy, so we just slept in the cottage. I camped out on the courch, wehich became my bed for the rest of the trip.

saturday - 28 june
I did a lot of sleeping, eventually waking for a late breaking breakfast with mom. We rented some movies, spent time by the lake, and waited for dad and sarach to arrive.

sunday - 29 june
Realizing that I'd forgotten my sunglasses, I needed to raid the dollar store for some "sunclassics". After that experience, we had a family lunch at the town brewpub before going to get reading materials for a few hours at the city beach on lake michigan. It was on this day that I got my only real sunburn [crime photo?] where I missed a spot on my arm. Stupid greasy Banana Boat sunscreen, I curse you. To prolong the fun, we found that the bagel store sold everything for half price after five; so we vrazily killed fifteen minutes, stocked up, and returned home.

monday - 30 june
I don't know. We probably stayed at the cottage, spending time by the lake, being entertained by the dogs, waiting for Jackie, Jake, Denny, and Grandma to arrive.

tuesday - 1 july
Many of us made a trip to Pentwater to hang out at Mark's Lake Michigan "cottage" while Cris did some home repairs. I threw a frisbee to Sarah and it hit her in the head. I forgot to check to see that she was ready and didn't think to warn her of impending injury.

wednesday - 2 july
I think taht this was probably the day of the trip to the Native American Indian Casino in Manistee. The kids were all (at least) twenty-one; so we piled into the back of Kirk's car and suffered serious assault by the wind until we arrived in Manistee for big gambling fun. I stareted off by playing a slot machine for quarters. Somehow I managed to win about $60 in quarters. When my winnings had dwindled to $50, I called it quits. I wasted some of my original cash on roulette and video poker, but ended up being the only one to leave on the plus side.

thursday - 3 july
Faced with a cool breeze off of lake michigan, we retreated to town for a movie. Before Sarah, Jake, and I went to see Finding Nemo, we stopped at a thrift store to pick up jackets to protect us from movie theater air conditioning.

friday - 4 july
It was the the Fourth of July, but we decided to skip the parade and pursue at-home entertainments. Though we'd threatened to skip the fireworks, we caved to tradition and went to the beach, making the regular breakwall walk before night fell. As usual (?), the fireworks were better than the previous year, and some of the most patriotic people ever were present. Not pictured: a couple with matching american flag pants and coordinated "mom" and "dad" t-shirts. This year, our viewing of the fireworks were sort of narrated by Cris on his ever-present cellular phone.

saturday - 5 july
What would a trip to Ludingto be without a visit to the flea market? (un?)fortunately, the morning rains limited the number of visitors. With the lack of crappy bargains, we headed directly into town for the annual arts & craftsmanship at the park. Among the sometimes interesting art were numerous interesting characters. Many people wore religious t-shirts. I took a picture of the fattest bulldog ever. At night, we saw more fireworks -- first from the ghetto pontoon and then of our own creation (?) from the house's deck.

sunday - 6 july
Another fun cousins trip: this time to the China Buffet. Fucking great light-up wall hangings, greedy crab grabbers, and a bearded lady in the parking lot!

monday - 7 july
Mostly everyone left for Kalamazoo. Mom, Sarah, and I stayed around for another day of going to town, eating dinner, and watching gangs of new york.

tuesday - 8 july
We packed up our things, drove Sarah back to Grand Rapids, and Mom and I had lunch before sending me back to Seattle. Storms in the middle of the country equal a late arrival. Ellen picked me up, and I cleared out a space in my bedroom to fall asleep.

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