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As required by my training grant, I attended a lecture about conflict of interest yesterday. The title, "rules and desires", made the topic seem a bit more exciting than it really was. Actually, it was a little more interesting than the core message of "be good, tell the truth" would suggest.

The mid-day event broke the day in half; so I spent the afternoon at home, assembling some furniture and cleaning out a room upstairs to function as a home office. I still have shelves from IKEA that need to go on the wall. I'm reluctant to install them for fear of breaking the walls.

The Tuesday social activity was visiting greenlake for a makeshift picnic. We bought food from nearby establishments (for me, Zeek's) and sat by the wading pool to observe happy kids and dogs. When night fell, we adjourned to Rachel's swanky new apartment to watch high-quality programming on Bravo!. Watching "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" was actually a pretty funny, entertaining experience. The amount of effort put into the opening credits is remarkable.


Yeah, my favorite part is the end of the show where they watch everything and make comments. I loved it when they were ripping on that guy's girlfriend - they were so mean and hilarious!