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these ridiculous sundays

and this morning I watched news shows and played tetris attack until I noticed some more vines that required cutting. Without any other pressing responsibilities, I felt compelled to walk to the U-District to pick up the Sunday Times and sit on the porch at Solstice reading the paper and drinking iced beverages.

When I returned to the house, we all sat around watching Sex & Lucia on the DVD. I have no idea.

Later, I thought it would be fun to push the human-powered lawn mower around the back yard while waiting for laundry. I was completely enjoying the experience until I was attacked by wasps. Thwarted, I went inside to examine the damage--which was pretty minor--and took a benadryl (which left me feeling spaced out).

Now: reading Radar (finally found at Tower), eating dinner, and contemplating lawn tickets for radiohead. That is, trying to decide whether it's worth trying to get tickets through other channels to get closer than the lawn.


oo tricky tricky

Re: oo tricky tricky

It doesn't look like that community has been very active lately. It's too bad that they don't have wireless internet at Solstice: then people could post while drinking tasty beverages. Or they could post about particularly good dessert options available that day.

I'm really surprised that a solstice website / unofficial barista fansite hasn't appeared on the internet. It would be a really funny project.