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two day habit.

Friday -
almost completely standard afternoon: went to work, had a burrito at el rey, on the way home I attempted to contain spending behavior at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. At night: trying to make a plan with Rachel to see the Jayhawks. I didn't know anything about this band (except that tickets were expensive), but she wanted to go. When the scheduling didn't work we went to dick's and tried to be authentic, dining on her car watching the spinning sign and the VW club and the teens in the parking lot. I returned home full of unhealthy foods to watch AI with the housemates. I still hate the ending of that movie, but Halley Joel Osment kind of saves it.

Saturday -
Assembled some more furniture, moved books to shelves, went to fremont to browse the used rack at sonic boom (bright eyes, of montreal, camper van beethoven) and the magazine stand. Dinner was sushi picnic in Manguson park until sunset, then back to the house to make plans. We waited around, trying to synchronize schedules. When that failed, we decided to end the night with gelato on Queen Anne. FYI: along with other tasty flavors, Dolce Vita makes a great mojito sorbet.