josh (joshc) wrote,

the past few days

Saturday: Moved a couple truckloads of items to the new Wallingford residence. It started to rain just as the FlexTruck was due to be returned; which was perfect timing for Ellen, Tim, and I to spend the rest of the day watching fucked-up movies (U-Turn and Fight Club). Later, we tried to see the Decemberists. It took us an entire band and a nearly empty club for use to determine that the Graceland ad in The Stranger listed three Saturdays. I didn't immediately recognize that Saturday June 22 didn't exist in 2003. So we just left instead of staying for a random headliner and stopped at Dick's.

Sunday: I read a few chapters of Harry Potter (Ellen got an extra copy from Amazon and I couldn't resist at least starting.). Later we went to IKEA and I spent less than $700 on a bed, mattress, matching night table, desk, accessories, and a chair taken from an Asian family.

Today: Went to work and accomplished very little. We did learn a bit about the government of the Netherlands. Stopped at the old apartment on the way home to do some laundry and pack up some of the remaining items.
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