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the past few days

Saturday: Moved a couple truckloads of items to the new Wallingford residence. It started to rain just as the FlexTruck was due to be returned; which was perfect timing for Ellen, Tim, and I to spend the rest of the day watching fucked-up movies (U-Turn and Fight Club). Later, we tried to see the Decemberists. It took us an entire band and a nearly empty club for use to determine that the Graceland ad in The Stranger listed three Saturdays. I didn't immediately recognize that Saturday June 22 didn't exist in 2003. So we just left instead of staying for a random headliner and stopped at Dick's.

Sunday: I read a few chapters of Harry Potter (Ellen got an extra copy from Amazon and I couldn't resist at least starting.). Later we went to IKEA and I spent less than $700 on a bed, mattress, matching night table, desk, accessories, and a chair taken from an Asian family.

Today: Went to work and accomplished very little. We did learn a bit about the government of the Netherlands. Stopped at the old apartment on the way home to do some laundry and pack up some of the remaining items.


IKEA = Swedish for 'Made in China'.

i haven't taken a chair from an asian family in quite sometime.

Re: IKEA = Swedish for 'Made in China'.

ah-so! eez dat why i no mo' chair in living room? i buy good price for $2.00!

Re: IKEA = Swedish for 'Made in China'.

stop being so racist, ok? you have no right to be so insensitive to asian people.


Re: IKEA = Swedish for 'Made in China'.

I'm pretty sure that they ended up getting more chairs. there were more "chair parts" than "base parts" in the box. So. I decided that an employee was going to bring more of those bases anyway. Therefore. The family would've needed to wait anyway. Since they wanted five and I took the fourth base. Thus. I am not pure evil.

Re: IKEA = Swedish for 'Made in China'.

don't worry. eventually IKEA will have another sale! you'll get your chance.
welcome to the neighborhood :)
thanks. so far I've been living on completely unhealthful local cuisine -- dick's, winchell's, pizza eleni, etc.
come on, i'm sure you can make it up the hill... to the taco time :)
that mansion of a taco time

that office building of a taco time

some architecture really happened there.
yes. but that requires more effort and should probably only be attempted under non-starvation conditions.
we were at ikea on sunday. it was hell.

i have yet to try the one-dollar-latte.
we must have missed the insane crowds. or maybe I just blocked it. about halfway through the store, the sheer amount of options and growing cost tends to leave me in a daze.

I am also sans $1 latte: that line was the longest line in the store.

Now that I think about it, stopping at the cafeteria is the most sensible thing to do when going on an extended IKEA trip.


indeed! last time, we got there too early, so we sat in the cafeteria, drank coffee, and mentally prepared ourselves for the coming ordeal.