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I'm probably not going to get my Harry Potter for another week because I was being silly about consistency six months ago. If I don't get it before going to Michigan I think I might die.

The worst part is that people who are fans wouldn't think of revealing the plot details, but I doubt that the mass media will be so considerate. The "dead character" will probably be on the front page of a newspaper tomorrow morning.


I should get mine ASAP (I ordered the US version from Amazon long ago and got a message that it has shipped). You can borrow it when you go to Michigan if you haven't gotten yours yet.
amazon.ca was offering free Saturday delivery to Canadian addresses. No wonder the Stranger called it the best country in North America!


I don't know why I decided to care about the different texts.
I probably won't get it before I leave. The projected arrival date is June 27 - July 1. Maybe I should leave FedEx instructions at my office!
"Gosh Ellen, thanks for offering to loan me your book, necessitating your reading it as soon as possible."

"Oh Josh, anything for a friend!"

Maybe I take it back.


"Gosh Ellen, thanks for offering to let me borrow your book, but I don't want to unnecessarily inconvenience you, especially since you probably won't want to read it right away. Perhaps I should make an irrational backup plan to get my book when I'm out of town."


Or. I guess I could've embraced it, bought a costume, and went to the bookstore to buy a copy at 12:01.
i am so out of the harry potter loop (no books or movies). I wonder if that's a bad thing.
I think it might be.

I delayed reading them until this year, for no particular reason. I didn't have anything against them and knew that they'd be good. At some point, it just became too embarrassing not to have read them, and I was ready for something fun to read between quarters.

They were really so much better than I'd anticipated (and going into it, I hadn't met anyone who didn't love the books).

At this point it's sort of like being able to rent entire seasons of tv shows on DVD. No wait between episodes! (except that there are two more after this one).
I've merely dipped into the loop for the first movie. Didn't strike me as something I wanted to explore further but maybe I'm just an oddball.
The movies really aren't the best place to start. They're nice accessories, but I'm not sure that I would've liked them if I hadn't already read the books. I guess it's impossible for me to know.

if anyone tells me who dies before i've read it, they'll be dead too...

I am completely annoyed because mine hasn't come yet. I asked my mom a million times whether I should order one or if I would be receiving it in my mailbox as an early birthday present. She said don't order it so I didn't. It's not here. I've already gotten two other packages from Amazon today, one in the shape of a book. I excitedly open it...it's not Harry Potter. All I know is if it isn't here by the time I go pick up my mom at the airport today she's gonna be in HUGE trouble. So anyway, the whole point of this super long comment was I'm totally feeling your pain on not having it yet, and hope yours comes sooner than projected.

Re: if anyone tells me who dies before i've read it, they'll be dead too...

For now, I'm just trying not to read all of the extra copy that Amazon sent to Ellen.


I just got an email that my copy had "dispatched" from amazon.co.uk; so I doubt it will arrive before I return to Michigan. Maybe it's for the best. I'm not sure that I want to haul a 2 lb book on the plane.
Okay, being the "biggest HP fan ever" (as some say) you know I couldn 't wait for the damn mailperson so I was at the store at 12:01. (see update) I would never, ever, ever tell anyone what happens. I am only 1/2 way through at this point, but I'm sure I'll finish today. But, like you - I would not look at the paper or anything. I'm sort of scared because I love to read the sunday paper - maybe I'll just hold off until after I finish O of the P.

FYI: I did not dress up, but here are a few of the characters I saw:

The Fat Lady (complete with a posterboard as her frame)
Nearly Headless Nick
A Chudley Cannon's Player

Pretty creative wouldn't you say? Not the usual 3 (though there was the occasional Harry or Hermione).

Scary thing: these were all adults.
those are good costumes! I'm surprised that you didn't dress up--you let all of those other people believe that they're bigger Harry Potter fans than you are.

Maybe the papers are down with the secret-keeping a la Santa Claus?

Amazon sent Ellen two copies, so I've been slowly making my way through the book. I'm trying not to read it all at once while I wait for my copy to arrive from the UK, but the convenience of an extra book in my house was too much to completely resist!
Weird that Ellen got two.

So glad that you live in a new place, away from Hairy Spitting Man.
Oh yeah, as the books progress, the English vs American becomes less and less prevalent. Meaning, the first couple were really Americanized but the 4th and now the 5th are pretty British. So, if you were to borrow someone's American version, I don't think you'd be too bothered by the text.
I'm not particularly good at noticing those things anyway. Probably because I'm American.

But some of the changes in the other books are kind of weird. I don't really understand the point: shouldn't kids know that people in other countries use different words? I guess some of the slang might be too confusing....
I agree, and I think the new one has a lot of words like "mate" and "queing" etc. that American kids will be able to read and learn about, but also shouldn't confuse them too much. I think some of the words may be terribly confusing for children. Honestly, I was a bit -shocked- with the rich vocab. displayed in the recent edition b/c some kids will have a tough time working through some of those words. But, ah well. It's good for them at the same time.
While you're understandably anxious to read it, I'm sure you'll be happy afterward that you kept it consistent. Though, I wonder if the only difference now is the amount of words on a page?
I wonder how long it will take for these people to list the differences in Order of the Phoenix.

From the leaky cauldron
Will the US version be different from the UK version?
We have been told that both JKR's American and British editors are working on the book in tandem. We will try to ascertain before release what has been changed, if anything, from the UK to the US version. Most likely the changes between editions will be for the benefit of clarity, which might otherwise be hindered by cultural differences in language.

My friend / housemate Ellen accidentally got an extra copy from Amazon, so I've tried to read only a little of the new book, which has turned into about 150 pages so far. Oh well.