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A mini-review of last evening's entertainments:

The crowd at Graceland was bordering on trailer park chic. Is this the new hipster uniform? Local celeb sighting: Chris Walla. Someone may have used the phrase "Radar Set". Online friends should now be referred to as "friendsters".

Jets to Brazil were approximately 4/7 high quality rock fun, 2/7 moderately decent, and 2/7 overly emo. This is pretty reflective of the quality of their albums, with the best parts coming from Orange Rhyming Dictionary. I'm not sure where the poetry reading part goes.

John Vanderslice was his usual good self, but the backup musicians were overly distracting. The drummer had a cymbal placed way too high and made far too many unnecessary movements. And then there was the bass player...

This post is an example of why I am not a professional (or even amateur) entertainment reviewer.


The Jets to Brazil show added up to eight-sevenths?

new maths

I guess it did.

alternate explanation

regular show + fake encore = 8/7
Hi. I used to live here but I don't anymore. I'm in town for the night and missed all the shows that I would have gone to last week. What show should I go to tonight? Thinkin' about Crimson Sweet at Zak's. I thought about walking around town and asking the first hipster I saw where to go tonight but decided against it. Wouldn't want them to think I was hitting on 'em. Advice? You can text message me if you like on 302 344 2153.
I'm not really sure. You could drive to Anacortes to see The Decemberists and Mount Eerie [formerly The Microphones] at the Department of Public Safety?

Or maybe that was last night?



Thanks anyway.

I went to Crimson Sweet at Zak's. Not spectacular, but decent. It's wierd to go to a show by yourself in this town. People hit on me but I stayed aloof. Not the right people I guess.

Sweet of you to send suggestions. When I drove by the carwash on my way home I thought of you, stranger!