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I've been trying to go to the CHRU more often so that I will be more motivated to work. In particular, I've been neglecting a couple of projects for far too long and now that it's summer I officially am without legitimate excuses. This strategy of working is resulting in some progress.

After work, I had by hair cut, browsed some Ave merchants, and bought the past two issues of The Believer. The design of the magazine is gorgeous and the content is so good. Some features from the issue that I read this evening: the social consequences of infectious disease metaphors, an interview with David Rees, an essay about Reality Television that continues on the themes raised by David Foster Wallace in "E Unibus Pluram . . .", and other good stuff [ issue three | table of contents ].

And on the way home, it was about to rain and the air smelled just incredible.

Or maybe I was just on a little caffeine high.

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