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I went to the office this morning and worked for a few hours until it was time to go to the dentist to have the cavities in my teeth filled. It was almost completely painless, except for the discomfort of the whole endeavor.

After the fillings, the tuesday night social activity was a picnic in Lincoln Park. I had the brilliant idea of getting there by bus, which wasn't particularly difficult. Because I didn't trust the trip planner results, I missed the bus. This turned out to be OK, since Kate was running late and decided to pick me up. En route, she was held up by the next bus which just broke down completely in the middle of 5th and Union. A couple of reroutings later, we had a nice picnic.

On the way home Kate pointed out the scariest part of Seattle: Harbor Island should definitely be added to the Topography of Terror series[II, IV].

Before calling it a day, I went with Ellen to Kinko's to serve as a passport photo consultant. Shocking details from this excursion: Kinko's isn't open 24 hours in the U-Village, you shouldn't apply pressure your photos right away.

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