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This morning, I went to Solstice to do some last-minute studying for my correlated data exam. When I went to take the test, I felt completely stupid. Even though his may turn out to be my lowest grade in the program, I think that I learned some good stuff from the class.

After turning in the exam, I bought some CDs (Granddaddy, Long Winters, Radiohead + poster) and caught a bus downtown for more SIFF fun & games. I saw two movies tonight and one yesterday. All have been good in completely different ways.

Elina (last night) would've been mediocre if it were an American film, but since it was Swedish I think it got extra points. Lots of cute blonde kids, the danger of bogs, Swedish-Finnish tension (who knew!), a stubborn teacher at a backwoods school, an absent dead father, car troubles added up to a pretty enjoyable show. At a couple points I thought that the story would turn dark, mostly because I didn't know if Swedish independent filmmakers had a really weird sense of humor/storytelling.

In This World at Cinerama was amazing. While I was watching, I assumed that it was nonfiction, but I guess it was actually a "fictional documentary." I'm still confused about how much of it was real and how much was staged. It was the story of refugees from Afghanistan trying to get from a camp in Pakistan to seek asylum in London. It really gave me a tiny sense of how random, immediate, and brutal the experience must be.

After the movie, I didn't feel like going home; so I walked to the Egyptian to see if there were any tickets left for King of the Ants. It turns out that it was the World Premiere! and was pretty much destined for Celebrity I SAW U. Ladies and gentlemen, there was a Baldwin in the house (along with the director, writer, and several of the other stars). Like Mr. Baldwin's ego, the movie itself was over-the-top: violent, funny, unbelievable.

Waiting for the bus, while the celebs filtered out of the movie [and off to Barca?], I ran into Amber & Melanie returning from the hospital. How random (& fun)! On the bus: a bearded balding man reading Soap Opera Digest!

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