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the only earth?


What I learned today on the news when I should've been studying: Even though we can't find any weapons of mass destruction, we know that Iraq had chemical weapons because we've found that their army was supplied with chemical weapon suits. It's also possible that Saddam Hussein rid the country of the weapons before the war.

Jerry Springer might be running for the Senate. [campaign website ]

Yet, this doesn't seem any more absurd than the explanation about WMD provided by a sitting US Senator (maybe Roberts, R-Kansas).


did you also learn that david brinkley and gregory peck died?

who will be the third in the reign of celebrity-death terror1?

1. because they always die in threes.
I did learn about those deaths. I've been waiting all day for the third. Think of the deathpool trifecta if it was the Pope! or Reagan!
Hmm...or Bob Hope? Who else isn't dead... Katherine Hepburn? It's so hard to keep track when people get really old.
Neither has a date of death in the IMDB.
Springer has been in politics before - he was mayor of cleveland, i think.

if you haven't seen his movie "Ringmaster," you might want to. it gives an interesting slant to the show.
I really don't have a problem with him. Whether it's fair or not, I think it will be difficult for him to be taken seriously because of the show. I guess anything's possible!