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the end

Tonight I had drinks on the deck of the Cloud Room with Ellen, Joe, Jon, Aaron, & Justin to experience the Seattle landmark before it closed to be transformed into a vacation condominium timeshare whatever. It was one of those great Seattle evenings1 where you drink outside then go inside to drink more before walking down the street to hear a band.

In particular, The Dismemberment Plan at Graceland. This is their final tour; so we hung out with the all agers [like Franklin, who had to leave early to study for an exam], Ben Gibbard, and Cex (what?!) to dance and try to destroy our eardrums. I dare you to go to a Dismemberment Plan show and not like them. Even though the all request format wasn't the greatest, and my ears are still functional, I just don't think it's possible to have a sub-decent time listening to them.

Also of note:
Jets to Brazil with John Vanderslice at Graceland on June 18: decidedly not optional.

1. Sorry. I just wanted to try that, since Aaron [~ 601am] always writes things like that about NYC.


stranger in a strange land

hi, you don't know me, at least I hope you don't coz if you do I'll be seriously freaked out. Ok, back to the point... I was trailing through LJ looking for seattle folk as I'm trying to plan a trip there in October so need insider info and recommendations. Anyway, they all seemed pretty boring/2.5 kids types and then I came across your journal and you'd been to see the dismemberment plan. dammit! *jealousy*
Anyway, my name's caishnah, be my seattle buddy and tell me about the place?

Re: stranger in a strange land

oh. I was just going through my inbox and realized that I never made any attempt to help with this. There are lots of touristy things worth visiting, but you can find them on any free map of basic tour guidebook. There's a book about walking tours through the city that's pretty good.

As far as local activites, check The Stranger for weekly picks. Sorry to be so unhelpful.

bill gates must die

Dang.. I haven't seen John Vanderslice in forever (too long). how much are tix?

Re: bill gates must die

Re: bill gates must die

Have you already bought tickets?

Re: bill gates must die

I bought two this afternoon.

i don't actually find bill gates all that offensive

Do you want to designate one of them as being for me?

I can't believe I went on and on on Wednesday about how I owe you money, when you owe me $209.

Re: i don't actually find bill gates all that offensive

Technically, I didn't owe you the money on Wednesday.