josh (joshc) wrote,

the end

Tonight I had drinks on the deck of the Cloud Room with Ellen, Joe, Jon, Aaron, & Justin to experience the Seattle landmark before it closed to be transformed into a vacation condominium timeshare whatever. It was one of those great Seattle evenings1 where you drink outside then go inside to drink more before walking down the street to hear a band.

In particular, The Dismemberment Plan at Graceland. This is their final tour; so we hung out with the all agers [like Franklin, who had to leave early to study for an exam], Ben Gibbard, and Cex (what?!) to dance and try to destroy our eardrums. I dare you to go to a Dismemberment Plan show and not like them. Even though the all request format wasn't the greatest, and my ears are still functional, I just don't think it's possible to have a sub-decent time listening to them.

Also of note:
Jets to Brazil with John Vanderslice at Graceland on June 18: decidedly not optional.

1. Sorry. I just wanted to try that, since Aaron [~ 601am] always writes things like that about NYC.

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