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daily dose

I spent the day running errands, putting together a package for Father's day, studying, buying CDs, listening to (& cutting into tracks) the KEXP show featuring Ben Gibbard that evan posted this weekend.

Elena's birthday dinner was tonight at Cedars. As usual, the food was excellent and the company was very good too. Some people were concerned that I didn't take any pictures (to document the spontaneous synchronization of my and Carole's clothing color scheme), but I wondered how interesting pictures of people eating could be.

Throughout the dinner, we discussed "The U-District's Nan Nazi" and tried to think of ways to secretly pass tips to the waitstaff. In the end, we decided that our efforts toward gratuity equity wouldn't be worth banishment from the restaurant.


while extending my AppleCare, I noticed that the University is selling its remaining old 20 gb iPods for $278 (cash or check).

Home V: the EP from Post-Parlo featuring Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenny.


Cutting into tracks is a good idea! I will make a new mix. (I still have the original .wav I generated the ogg from, so it'll be better quality unless you used an ogg cutter.)
but now that i think harder, i don't know the names of some of those songs...
Here are the approximate track times and titles that I used ->

0:24 - 2:36: You Remind Me of Home
6:40 - 9:48: The Dream of Evan & Chan
9:50 - 12:52: I Was a Kaleidoscope
19:04 - 21:57: Recycled Air
26:34 - 29:09: They Don't Know
32:32 - 35:49: Reason To Stay*
44:51 - 47:12: Farmer Chords

* I guessed at this title. It's the one from the upcoming DCFC release Transatlanticism and I don't think thethe title was mentioned on the show.
I imagine that I degraded the quality even further by converting from ogg to mp3 (to allow iPod listening).
I should just give in and do MP3s in the first place.