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Aside from the regular Wednesday fun and games, today had not one, but two highlights.

This afternoon, I went to the dentist. It had been a really long time since my last appointment, and this visit did not disappoint. I learned the "Seven Steps to Great Dental Health (SM)", which I will now share with all of you:

  1. lather up your teeth with toothpast
  2. insert moist Stim-u-dent and move in and out between teeth
  3. brush all teeth using a circular scrubbing motion with a soft bristle brush
  4. floss between teeth with a shoe shine motion
  5. rinse with water
  6. brush again, focusing on the tongue side
  7. rinse again

So exciting, it will probably make your gums bleed! Mine did. But, as I learned from the slide show, twenty-one days make a habit and soon my gums will not bleed upon Stim-u-denting. I can hardly wait.

Even though I have a cavity that requires filling, I rewarded myself for surviving the two hour appointment with ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

Later, several people celebrated Rachel's birthday at I Love Sushi. The food was tasty and beautiful. We were there fro about a hundred years, but it was very nice. They even brought her a tempura ice cream with a candle.

Now: I have a lot of homework that I don't feel like doing.


they showed you a slide show at your appointment? with stim-u-dent and bleeding gums?

wtf? never in my 23 years of life have i been to a dentist and recieved a slide show as part of my dental healthcare regime.

all in all, W-O-W!
This was my first slideshow! In addition to the bloody gums, the slideshow featured some really bad teeth, cartoon illustrations of bacteria being displaced by the seven steps, and occasional pictures of flowers.