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I woke up moderately early by accident today. Just as well. I needed to go to the Health Sciences building to make printouts, copies, and overheads for my in-class presentation for Exposure Measurement.

Over lunch, the arrival of summer was evident as everyone seemed to be out of the building occupying patches of sunlight. There were even views of goslings from the South Campus Center.

In biostatistics, a girl spilled a can of Coke all over the floor and used a newspaper to absorb it.

After classes, I went with Carole to look at Vespas. Unfortunately, test drives are only allowed on Saturdays. So, we got to look at the cuteness, but weren't able to experience it first hand.

We then went to Whole Foods for a Gasworks Park Picnic, picking up lots of food samples along the way. Thanks to the abundance of appealing foods (and the expensiveness of Lambic Belgian Ale), it turned out to be a pricey meal. We forgot that corkscrews were necessary to enjoy our beverages and were unable to find any other parkgoers with the proper tools. Eventually, we learned that corks can be pried from bottles with a knife or grilling fork. Carine, Job, and Rachel met us at the park, where we watched the duck dodge and dogs catching frisbees.



rad.. you're buying a vespa? tell me all the details... btw.. check out the Stellas too... they're hot.

Re: bling

Well, I was mainly going as moral support for my friend who's pretty seriously considering buying one of the 50cc models. She's narrowed her color selection to light blue, light green, or alabaster.

I can see how it would be a lot of fun to have one, but I'm not convinced that I should be spending that much money right now. Especially since I should probably be buying a car instead.

Who knows? Maybe I'll go with her to the test drive day and ride one home.
You are SO a hipster.

Also: Lambic's is much like wine - it's even served in a wine glass at The Saucer! Probably because a pint of it would be $100 or whatever.

my score on the test *was* ~ 84

which part of this post leads you to believe I'm a hipster?

The bottle of Lambic that I bought was $6 for the smaller size. I bought Kriek, but I think I like Framboise the best (they didn't have it in small, only large).

Didn't they serve it in wine glasses at Belgian Bowling too?

Re: my score on the test *was* ~ 84

84! Lord have mercy. Um . . . I don't think there's anything more "hipster" than shopping for a Vespa!! ;)

I love the Kriek b/c I'm a big fan of cherry, but the framboise is yummy, too. Raspberry and beer tend to go well together, for some odd reason. Though, I did recently have Woodchuck's new Raspberry Cider and it was gross.

One of our favorite drinks at The Saucer is Hummingbird Water, which is cider mixed with Framboise. Marlo likes it better with Peche. It's good either way.

I think you're right at Belgian Bowling we got the bottle, and poured it into wine glasses. No - wait. Maybe it was just a plastic cup? Eh, it could have been either. My memory escapes me.