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20 hrs in the life of me

well, today has been the longest day ever. For some reason (iced tea before bed?) I woke up at 5 AM with no real prospects of getting back to sleep. I tried for a while, but eventually gave up and just got ready for class.

Our class was scheduled group work, but it turned into midterm review. So that was okay, but not productive.

Went to the office and did some actual stuff. Good times. Made a trip to El Ray for a burrito. Worked some more. Then back home.

Running for a little bit. The Strokes are surprisingly good for jogging music. Then off to STF marathon meeting 7:30-11. Gorkem took the survivors for drinks at the College Inn. I have an unhealthy love for student government drama, of which Ayako and Gorkem are experts.

Now I'm home and meeting my daily journal requirement. Rock on. Running and journaling. (even though it's technically Monday). If I stayed awake for a few more hours, this would be a 24 hour day...

At least I can sleep in. No class until 11:30 tomorrow. I should get up a little before class to read the article for journal club.