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I met my family after classes and we drove out to Discovery Park. After getting a bit lost we found the south parking lot and took a nice walk down to the beach. We didn't see much in the way of wildlife -- some birds, slugs, jellyfish, and a rabbit -- but it was a really great afternoon for being outside. The weather was great and the path provided lots of great views.

[ pictures ]

After our walk, we went back to their hotel for a few minutes and then went to Tia Lou's for authentic outdoor Mexican dining in Belltown. We thought it would be fun to drive, and eventually found a choice spot. The drama of the night was the stand off between us and another guy who was trying to take the spot. Eventually, we won and he didn't return to slash our tires or anything horrible like that.


so..there are wild rabbits that run around in discovery park? that's such a weird concept to me still, that moles and rabbits and little animals just run around freely.
I guess so: though it didn't seem very frightened by us. Maybe it's just accustomed to having people around?
Neon is one of my favorite subjects


#4 is on the path to the lighthouse. We parked in the South parking lot and just walked toward the cliff and followed the trail.

How is the Elephant car wash picture *not* going to be everyone's new user icon? I don't know.

"Tia Lou" doesn't sound like a very authentic Mexican name to me, but I've never been to the restaurant. Is it good/authentic?
Soon, everyone on livejournal will have the same icon. It's the first step to the ray of death.

Tia Lou's sounds more authentic than Mama's. The food was pretty good, the waiters occasionally spoke Spanish, the inside (designed by the same people at Bauhaus, Baltic Room, and Zeitgeist) features a fountain.
My first thought also was that the elephant neon should be your new icon, at least.

Also - I love the seattle-trip slug pictures. How many of us have them now?

I'll see how it goes.


Slugs are exciting, aren't they?


okay this is from kate but i'm not a live journal user

what cute shots of sister bis and family bis on a gorgeous sunny day at discovery park!!

Re: okay this is from kate but i'm not a live journal user

thanks kate! if ever you want a livejournal code (if only to comment less anonymously), please let me know and a code will be sent your way!