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quick post + picture link

I went to the office today for meetings, presentations, and to do homework. I came home and met up with my family for Ave style dining: Ruby and the Mix and now it's back to work for me. I was tempted to take my sister to karaoke at the Comet, but much neglect of studies over the weekend needs to be repaired. We're going to see Carissa's Wierd at the Crocodile on Friday [ buy a ticket! ]; so at least she'll get a small dose of that scene.


As a distraction from studies, I picked a few pictures from Sasquatch for your viewing pleasure:

[ pictures ]


Nice pictures, they turned out much better than mine. I love the Star Trek tractor beam, that Coldplay used during their encore.
Thanks. I kept thinking that I might run into you, but I guess there were just too many people.

The laser was really incredible, it looked like a floating ceiling over the entire hillside. I'm really glad they pre-announced their encore. We were driving back and might have left the floor to save time.
weather looks a lot like the radiohead show at the gorge back in summer '01.

kinda wish I went to sasquatch. it definitely isn't field day.. but i'm definitely not in NY.

two links in one comment.. what is this a blog
oh. that makes me want to buy a ticket to new york right now. and kick myself for not going to see radiohead when they were at the gorge. :/
i don't know; this little problem might really screw up the whole event.

none of my sasquatch pics turned out well. the coldplay light show definitely looks better from the floor than it did from the hill.
yeah. that sounds completely sketchy. though the odds of me jetting off to new york were pretty small anyway, the uncertainty of the situation doesn't encourage me to purchase last minute plane tickets. i wonder what will happen to all of those bands scheduled to be there?

i don't think we would've fought our way down into the crowd for coldplay, but it was just easier to stay there after the flaming lips.
my bet is that they find a related field where they won't be destroying animal habitats.

i ended up on the hill for most of the evening, and just didn't feel like dealing with the large crowds for any of the bands. we went back to the campgrounds 4-5 songs into coldplay's set.
What's up with the furries? Jebus

don't be a furry hater ---

It's all part of the show!