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did you think I was dead? never fear. I was just in Canada hanging out with my family.

Here's the abbreviated version since I'm kind of tired. Expansions and photos later.

Saturday: all day at the Gorge for Sasquatch. Overall, very good. The Flaming Lips were amazing. In addition to their music, they had people from Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Thermals onstage in animal costumes. Coldplay was pretty good, and their light design was incredible.

Sunday: Met up with the family, drove to Vancouver, drove around the city, dinner in Yaletown surrounded by Canadian hipster/yuppies. We could hear the Flaming Lips playing from our hotel room (they were playing at NMW at the Plaza of Nations).

Monday: Biking in Stanley Park, walking around town, ferrying to Victoria, dinner in town.

Tuesday: Looking at shops in Victoria, riding in a little boat around the Harbor, outdoor fish & chips (for them), walking around the Empress Hotel, driving back to Seattle.


Have you ever been to Buchart Gardens? If not, you should go one of these days, its really fucking pretty.
Buchart Gardens gives me this eerie deja vu feeling like I'm at The Tiki Room in Disneyland.. I can hear the faint theme song in the background amongst the birds.
Josh told me last night that he and his family actually decided not to go to Buchart gardens, because they hate flowers.
I can't believe you outed my family as flower haters!
That plan was vetoed by some flower-haters in my family.


My dad's excuse was "it hasn't been a good spring for growing, so it's probably not worth $18 each".


aw what, its $18.00 now? i thought it was 7 bucks or so!
the price varies by season.
How could the same family that over-decorates their house with awe-inspiring Christmas decorations each year be the same family that hates flowers?

Though I do have to agree with Mr. Bis - $18 is pretty steep.
I think some informal cost-benefit analyses were conducted to determine that strolling through gardens wasn't the preferred family activity.
Now that you're back, you could go to the dentist.
I made an appointment for June 4!

being in canada is definitely better than being dead

My friend Jennie is coming to a conference in Seattle in a couple of days, and has never been there before. Do have any suggestions on what she should do to fill her free time??? Thanks!


Come back soon, Josh. TNSC is not the same without you.