josh (joshc) wrote,

today, short form

classes: exposure measurement - talked about human subjects committees and a whole bunch of horrible experiments that really violated people's rights; correlated data - lots of different models.

came home and visited the elliptical machine. the habit of reading while exercising is just genius: finally taking control of the stack of unread periodicals.

later: Solstice and Thai-ger Room with the Tuesday Night Social Club, then back home to watching the last episode of Buffy and the 24 season finale on tape.

I thought that the end of Buffy was about as good as it could've been. As much as I hate to see the show end, I'm glad that it stayed consistently good, unlike another show that ended last week. It wasn't really as sad or dramatic as past seasons, but it felt like a really appropriate way to end the series.

As for the 24 finale: what? just as it felt like all of the loose ends were tied-up, a cliffhanger!

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