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another Eggers book

My day was pretty standard, so here's another link:

Fans of Dave Eggers might be interested in the limited release of Sacrament, a different version of You Shall Know Our Velocity. The new version includes about sixty extra pages written by the book's other primary character, and in many ways refutes the way the story was originally told.


It's kind of annoying that this book that I liked is now refuting itself. But, at the same time it's really interesting.

I guess I already bought the first one twice, maybe the third time is the charm?


Re: You Shall Know Our Velocity

I still haven't gotten around to reading the new edition ...

Re: You Shall Know Our Velocity

I didn't even know about the new addition until you mentioned it in your LJ. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place (more like a book and a far place) because I so want the new edition and know that it's a limited run but I went a little nuts on Saturday and turned my 'I feel like eventually going to Seattle this year' fantasy into a 'I have a plane ticket costing hundreds of pounds in my desk drawer' reality! Oops. All this and no job yet. I sure hope it works out.